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What's your fancy?

Need a birthday cake? Want to surprise your parents with a cheesecake for their anniversary?
Is there a pie lover in your home? Have special dietary needs?*
Give me a call and I'll work with you to make your special day
(or any day!) the sweetest day!


Ultra creamy, ultra rich
NY Style

6" Classic  $45

10" Classic  $58

         add a fruit topping + $6


Try one of my specialties!     

10"   $68


Black Forest




Triple Chocolate

Brownie Mocha

Sweet Potato

Harvest (Apples, Pecans, Caramel)

Image by Waranya Mooldee

Bakery Cakes

 8" 3 Layer Bakery Style Cakes  (serves 20)$68


Italian Cream

Carrot Cake

Red Velvet

Humming Bird

Mocha Toffee

Lemon Blueberry

Triple Chocolate

White Chocolate Raspberry

German Chocolate

Confetti Birthday


By the Dozen    Standard Size  Starting @$28


Custom Cakes**

Prices very depending on size, style, and detail

Minimum order $50 for 4"

Size                Servings

  4"                 6-8

  6"                12-14 

  8"                20-24

  10"              28-38

  12"              40-56

  14"              63-78



Pie oh my!

Old Fashioned in every way

Sweetie pies 5"                               $10

      ~minimum of 4 per order

Fruit  9" Double crust or crumb  $26

Cream 9"  or other                        $26

Fruit Pies                         

Apple                            Cherry                            


Blueberry                    Strawberry Rhubarb          Very Berry




Lemon Meringue

Key Lime

Sweet potato

Ice Box (Strawberry/Lemon)



Cream Pies

Banana Cream

Peanut Butter

Chocolate Cream


Cookies n Cream

Coconut Cream

Cherry Pie


By the dozen                   SM (3-4 inch)  $22

                                         LG (5-6 inch)  $30

  ~Will mix and match by 1/2 Dozen 


Turn any cookie into sandwich cookies filled with buttercream                   by 1/2 Dozen $24

Classic Chocolate Chip

Walnut Chocolate Chip

Toffee Chocolate Chip

White Chocolate Macadamia

Peanut Butter


Oatmeal Raisin


Lemon Coolers


Fudge Crinkle


Oatmeal Butterscotch

Image by Thalia Ruiz

*Even though I can accommodate for any dietary/Allergy needs, my kitchen is non specific. My equipment comes in contact with nuts, dairy, gluten etc. 

**Not to toot my own horn-There are so many things I'm pretty gosh darn good at...

However, 3-D sculpted cakes are not my cup of tea. Sorry folks

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